Data Restores

My mission today was data restore. But first I had to receive my account to take part of that task. By the way it was quite interesting how many people mistakenly delete their data. When a request came in I had to restore the data as fast as possible otherwise CAPITA could get a high fine. Many people don’t have any information where their files were located before erasing. That means that I had to dig though a huge backup. Most times I have found the files the user needed but it is like seeking a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately a failure is also not impossible.  Sometimes the requests were quite difficulty to solve because the restored files weren’t the right ones the user needed. It is a good Service from CAPITA, because everybody could inadvertently delete his data. Especially when you use network drives the data isn’t moved to a bin where you can restore it from.  The time went really fast and I felt a little bit like Sherlock Holmes…

I hope that I will get more tricky cases for the rest of my time in Belfast at CAPITA