Belfast City Hall

Yesterday was a very cloudy day with a lot of rain. Our plan to go to the zoo was unfortunately cancelled. I met with Konrad and bought a daily deal at the St. Georg’s Market. We had seen that offer last week. We got Steaks, Chicken, Pork, Steak burger and spicy meet balls for only 20£.Then we met the others and went to the Belfast City Hall. In 1888 Queen Victoria granted Belfast the status of the city and it was agreed that a grand and magnificent building was required to reflect this new status. This building was called the Belfast City Hall .We had a free guided tour through the City Hall which was really interesting. Most Windows were made out of colourful glass mosaic. The floor consisted of black and white marble. In one hall there was a huge chandelier. The guide told us that they upgraded the chandelier with a crane to replace faulty light bulbs much easier. The guided tour took about 25 minutes. Afterwards we wanted to visit the harbour. When we arrived we sat down and enjoyed the impressive view of the harbour. In the evening we went to Dominik and cooked all the meat we had. It got really smoky and then it happened. The fire alarm sounded and everybody was a bit nervous. I went to the fire alarm terminal and tried to turn off the alarm. No chance. You have to use a key. I searched like obsessed and after a while I luckily found a key that fitted. I turned off the alarm and we enjoyed the rest of the day.