Again friday

Today it’s friday again. The time here in Ireland is running so fast. The last days wasn’t much to do, so I had time for my private projects on my servers. At work the 3D printer still prints the whole day. This time Konrad and I printed the bottom part of a Groot figure. Groot is a charakter of the movie „Guardians of the galaxy“ and it looks like bark of a tree or even a little tree but without the treetop and branches. I never thought this will turn out so great!

Yesterday I thought about cleaning the office because it looked like a real nerd home. The whole tables were filled with computer parts and a lot of computers. As we cleaned all up our colleague Gareth was very glad. If I could be always this motivated…

After lunch we drove together with our colleague Gareth to the Ulster museum because we had to check the beamer, some displays and computers for an upcoming event.

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