Pubs Pubs Pubs

As the Title implies I had a great second weekend at the pubs. After i finished work on friday I went to the gym before we met at the Laverys at 9 pm. We went there for some games of pool and later went to the Cuckoo for some good music. We met some girls from austria which we met first at the Quiz Night and had a funny evening. On saturday i spent quite much time in my room watching tv shows before i chilled with some of our flat mates. At the evening i went with some food and beer to Steven and Leons flat and we chilled there a few hours before we went to the Cuckoo again where we met Domenik and the rest who just came from the Escape Room and had some beers with them. We stazed at the Cuckoo the whole evening and played many rounds of air hockey. On sunday i had a huge hangover and just went outside to get some food and drinks, it was a great weekend.