Our last days in Belfast

As the title implies Im beginning to realise that our time in Belfast in coming to an end and as relieved Iam about that, Im also very sure that im going to miss it. But lets start with the last weekend and our Bank holiday. On thursday we had our last meeting with Intern Europe and we already planned to go to the Cavehill (the hill where the Belfast Castle is) but since no one was really prepared we just ended up in a pub again. On friday we had the last houseparty at my place with my some of my housemates which was very good but since we still wanted to get on the Cavehill we just partied till 3 am and then went to sleep so we could get up early in the morning. To shorten the story it didnt work like we hoped so we started our journey at 3 pm after the others had to wait for me since i missed my bus… after the last 30 minutes in the bus we finally arrived at the base of the mountain. The route we took wasnt the best we one we had to jump over a few barbed wire fences and met some cows which enjoyed the sun. Sadly we had to pass a thorn field and i wore short pants so you can guess what my legs looked like, but when we finally made it to the top everything was worth it the view is just stunning and you can sit in the grass with your legs right over the cliff. We walked on the mountain for like 2 hours before we went down since we wanted to go to a club for the last time over here. It was a great evening and I wasnt even that drunk. On sunday I didnt do much just spent a few hours under the sun in the Ormeau Park it was a truly beautiful day. Monday we had our Bank Holiday and because the weather was so great again we went up on the Cavehill once more but this time on different routes and with some beers it was a very hot day so we were very exhausted when we got up but because of the sun we got even better pictures this time. When we got back everyone was very hungry so we went to Tribal Burgers and had a huge feast. So after all I can say it was a great end to a really great time and in case I dont get to write another blog entry over here I already want to thank everyone who made this experience possible in advance and i encourage others to do it themselves.