Arriving in Cambridge – what emotional moments

I woke up in the morning and was very happy. Because my highlight of our stay was about to begin. I had basically everything prepared on the day before. All I needed to do was to take the cake and some cupcakes out of the fridge to take them with me as a small present.

At Abbey Wood station I wanted to buy a ticket in combination with my existing Oyster Card and asked for some advice. However, I was told I should buy a ticket at Liverpool Street station where he advised to change to a train via Stansted because of better prices.

At the end, I went from King’s Cross nevertheless because I didn’t want to spend at least half an hour more. On the train a man from India sat on the other side. I had a conversation with him. He was on his way with his family so his wife and two children to see Cambridge his first time. I recommended him a nice walk along the Cam, my favourite ice cream shop and some sights to see. When I arrived I was really happy and my former host mother and I hugged each other. The first thing we did was to have a belated breakfast of some toast with jam or chili garlic chutney. Meanwhile we had a long chat with each other and there came so many memories to light. I was allocated the bedroom for me the following night. It was the same bedroom like two years ago. As soon as I saw the room I remembered the situation for me there. For example, that I read my first English book after secondary school there, maybe my third one totally. Its name is Touching the Void and it is a true-life story about a mysterious survival while ice climbing on the mountains.

We went outside to a nice park next to their home and had a walk all around that park. It reminded me of my jogging times which I had there regularly two years ago. And there is an awesome area of fitness devices – actually a public fitness centre outside. What is more, the park does not close in the evening like parks in London do. My host called her husband to ask him when he will come. Shortly later, when we reached the entrance path to the house again, he was there cutting nettles to make it more accessible. When he saw me he rejoiced my name. Of course, we hugged each other too and I really cannot compare these moments with other during my whole stay here.

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