My Monday

My last week here started with a bit of an unusual Monday. I started off writing two blog entries in the morning and after that the director called me into the virtual school room and told me that all their students that were supposed to be there all ditched them and they had no one to make phone calls.

He asked me if I would be willing to do that, but I thought I had already done a lot of not IT related things and calling schools to get attendance wasn’t gonna be added to that list. So i told him as polite as possible that I would not be making calls to clients. After that I got to working on the backroom, which I didn’t really get to do last week and check out what the situation is. Turns out not only was it no possible to meet the director’s deadline of Friday but they were just about halfway done, which means it’s up to me and one other student from Italy to finish the room this week, which I’m not even sure we can do, since a lot of things aren’t working like they should and the newer PCs come with Windows Vista.

After work I went to the same Wetherspoons I went to on previous Mondays, to meet up with a couple of friends and have a couple of drinks before going home. My go-to drink has become the Strongbow Dark Fruit, a cider.

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