Plans for the rest of the week

So on Saturday at 19:00 UK time our flight is scheduled to depart. We were told by the agency to arrive at the school at 8 am that day, only to wait until 2 pm to take the bus to the airport. Everyone is a bit confused why we need to be there that early, considering Twin doesn’t even open up that early on weekdays and our flight isn’t until 11 hours later.

Anyway we hope we can at least use that time to go for breakfast and walk around London for the last time. As for the rest of the days we might go out for a drink on Wednesday or Thursday, but for Friday we planned on repeating last Saturday and all meet up to properly celebrate going back home.

Twin also planned a meeting on Friday at 3 pm, so I’m gonna have to leave early on my last day at work. As for work itself, I have some catching up to do on „Ausbildungsnachweise“ and I aim to finish this room I’m currently working on. Also I finally caught up to other people in number of blogs written.

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