Last time Belfast Friendship Club

Today was my last time at the Belfast Friendship Club and after all this weeks I can definitely recommend it to every intern in the future. The Atmosphere and how everyone talks to each other is great and it is one of the best places to learn about their culture and Social norms. Sometimes you will get informations about some of the less well known future events in Belfast at the end of the meetup. Since it is our last time we got a small Flyer that talks about the history of the friendship club and their targets as well as giving us the contact information for the person organizing this lovely event every week. The only reason we are getting this Flyer now is that we never thought about asking for one, so definitely an error on our site. Personally this also means I will lose my chess opponent but we will try to stay in contact via the Internet. Today also means tomorrow is my last day at Knight Systems Ltd. I will have to present my report as good and far as possible, hopefully there will like it.

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