The last day at Twin

When I arrived at Twin today I was expecting a slow day of first level support, maybe changing a toner cartridge or something similar.
It was far from slow.

The day before I asked my mentor at Twin whether or not he received a message regarding the europasses. Today I found out that he did, but seemingly ignored it.
This sparked what seemed like a race with no finish line and no heading whatsoever.
Another student and I wrote emails, made phone calls and wrote text messages to almost all people involved just to get the europasses printed, signed and stamped in time for the meeting in the afternoon.

There we had the rest of our documents signed and stamped and where able to give feedback about our experience with the different companies and London as a whole.
It was nice to see that some of the problems we had where (according to the person we spoke to) bad luck and not incompetence or even negligence and other things would be addressed for the next groups to come.


Late in the evening me and a few other students met up and had a last drink (or two) to complete this experience.

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