Weekend and the Spring Bank Holiday

This Monday was Spring Bank Holiday which meant that I didn’t have to go to work. In the morning after I woke up I went to the kitchen and made myself an omelette which came out pretty well and tasted really good even though the cheese was frozen.

After my breakfast I asked Steven if he wanted to go to the Camden Market with me and so we took the train to the London Bridge station from where we took the tube straight to Camden Town.

On the market Steven and I got ourselves a bacon burger and some chips at one at one of the many stands they have there.

After our burger I got myself some dutch pancakes with strawberries and Nutella at another stand which were very delicious.

On the way back I went into one of the many souvenir shops they have on the street next to the market where I got myself some postcards.

After that Steven and I went back home where we relaxed the rest of the day by watching videos.

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