Cinema and Laundry

On Saturday morning me and Steven bought two tickets for a movie called „Avengers: Endgame“ in a cinema in Camden Town. After breakfast we took the train to Charring Cross from where we walked by the Leicester Square through Chinatown to a Ben & Jerry’s store where we got ourselves some ice cream and a milkshake.

From there we took the Underground to Camden Town where we went to a Dr. Martens store so Steven could get himself some new shoes he wanted to have.

Afterwards because we still had plenty of time left before the movie was going to start we walked around the Camden Market where I got myself an Indian wrap with chicken malai inside which was very tasty.

After I finished my wrap we went into the cinema to watch the movie. The movie itself was really good but the sound quality of the cinema really wasn’t the best and in the first quarter of the movie there was a group of kids that would shout through the entire room and just be really annoying in general and they didn’t seem to even have tickets for the show and so eventually the left which everbody in the cinema was really happy about.

When the movie was over me and Steven took the train back to the London Bridge station where we unfortunately missed our train and had to wait half an hour for the next train which we then took. At home we had supper and relaxed the rest of the evening.

On Sunday we didn’t really do anything besides our laundry. We would go down to the washing machine put our clothes in and after an hour we would put them in the dryer and repeat that procedure for all our other dirty clothes we had to wash.

We relaxed the whole day and we didn’t really care about dinner because we wern’t hungry and so we waited for our supper in the evening and then went to sleep.

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