Bargain is the key

Today I went early out and first thing I did was to go at a supermarket to get something to drink for my journey (it was a very warm day). I took as usual the bus directly to the London Eye and after one and a half hour I finally arrived there. First I walked around to get some pictures for my gallery.

Later, I went to the Waterloo train station and took a train to the Camden Market. I wanted to buy some t-shirts and to take a closer look to the shops. Some sellers had some good-looking shirts in a very high quality. When I asked them for the price they mostly replied with prices like 25-30 pounds, which is way too expensive for a t-shirt. When I said the price is way too high for me, they asked me what I would pay for such a shirt. I mostly replied with something between 5 to 10 pounds. I know some good bargain strategies but I just used them in the German language never in the English language. Today it was the first time that I tried these in English and I have to say it worked very well. Like I got 2 t-shirts in a high quality for 15 pounds while at first the seller wanted 30 for each.

I guess when I would train my skills more I could reach better prices, the sellers still earn a lot of money from these shirts and the cost price is mostly very low for them.

In the late afternoon I went back again with the train to the London Eye and I took there the bus back to my home. When I arrived in the evening home I went to the supermarket for a little snack.

Later I finished my day with my daily workout and went tired to my bed.


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