Lets visit Camden Market

Today I woke up and I saw the awesome weather outside. So I decided to take the bus in the direction of the Camden Market. Google maps showed me, that I just needed around 2 hours to get there.


After a good breakfast I took my stuff and went to the bus. Some hours later I was still in the bus because of the traffic jam…

When I arrived there I just saw many people around me. I checked some shops but the prices were very expensive and way too much people everywhere.

I also laughed when I saw one market: “Unlimited refills for your cup! Big cup just £6 and little cup just 3£!”. I saw people around the market with big cups…

Then I tried to go back by bus, but because of the demonstrations some bridges were blocked. So I had to walk over the bridge and take there a bus. Sounds easy but it isn’t because they also blocked the walking ways…

Finally arrived at my bus and I went back home, this time luckily without traffic jam.




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