Finally, we got our jobs!

Today we went at 11am to the Twin School. We met there the leader of all the Internships. We had a conversation about our Internships (where we will go and what are we going to do). I got my Internship directly at the Twin School. They told me that I will have a job interview in the next morning at 10am.

After they told us our companies (some students still don’t have a company where they will work, so they have to go to school the next days) we went out to the floor where the chairs were so we could sit down and have a break. We discussed about lunch ideas and also about free time activities. We also shared some experiences from our host families (food was of course the most important topic). Some people already went home because their job interview is tomorrow. I also was about to go, but then a woman showed up and told us that she had one more job for a student. She also told me that the Twin School offers two jobs, one today for a programmer and one tomorrow for an IT support. So I knew that my main task would be supporting people with their IT problems. My colleague got the interview today, but he likes more the IT support part and in my opinion programming part is more interesting (for me). So they told us that we could go together to the job interview.

We went together to the interview and the guy there was okay when we really wanted to swap our job interviews, then I could ask someone here and all would be fine. After a very short interview about my programming skills, it was already done, I got the job.

My colleague got the interview tomorrow (which was supposed to be for me) and I can start tomorrow at 10am. I am really excited now and I hope for the best.

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