My first day at work

Today I went to the Twin-School again but this time the purpose was not to attend English lessons. Today I started with my internship. Finally, after 1 week we could start with the real deal. When I arrived there, my colleague explained me everything, every person there was super friendly to me.

Then he also showed me my workplace. My computer wasn’t installed, so I got my first task. After I installed my computer, we started talking about the project. In my opinion the project is really interesting. The Twin-School is doing surveys about their lessons over a website called “Typeform”. My task is, to take all the results from “Typeform” and sync them into a database located in the Twin-School. I should use Python as programming language. It isn’t my favourite programming language, but I can handle it. One thing is a big problem for me though. As a programmer I type very fast, but when my keyboard is an UK type the opposite happens. I make many writing mistakes, so I should retype every second a word. Of course I could switch the layout back to German keyboard type, but that isn’t the purpose.

Overall, I have to say, my workplace is very good and the most important thing, I got friendly colleagues. Now I’m looking forward for the next days.

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