First day in Dublin…


this is Marco Hübner. I am doing an internchip in Dublin/Ireland for 8 weeks and therefor I am going to write my impressions @ this blog.

Our aircraft took off Berlin Schönefeld at 11:30 and we arrived at the Dublin Airport at 12:50, but it was a 2h 20mins flight due to the time difference in Dublin and Berlin. In Dublin it is one hour earlier than in comparison with Berlin.

A bus driver of the SWAN Institute took us to our appartments. 5 are living at the Herberton Student Residence and the other 9 at the Lad Lanes appartments. 4 of us have one appartment and I have to share mine with 3 irish students. I only got to know 2 of them, Brian and Simon. There are very friendly and I am hoping this situation will improve my english as well as this internchip in general.

The appartment is fine.  There is a big living room with a nice kitchen. Each room with two beds has its own bathroom with a shower.
At 16:00 we were invited to the SWAN Institute where we get some money to buy a week ticket for the LUAS and they told us how we can get to our workplaces and to which pub we should go. *haha*

So that was my first day, nothing special, only missing my girlfriend.