Look Right!!!

Hi girls ’n boys,


Second day in Dublin and I already had to work. That was yesterday and it was pretty exhausting. It takes me one hour to get to work and another to get back. The work I had to do by now, was quite boring. I hope this will change over time. I will keep you updated on this. The company basically has two offices for 20 to 30 people each. Nevertheless it was relatively quiet.

Old Habits

Today I got hit by a car. Ok, not really, but in the past days there have been some situations where I did not expect the car to come from this side of the road. I really have to adapt to that.


I think you read enough about our apartment from my roommates (especially from Maik). Sadly I have to agree with him on this one. Luckily our floor is almost dried.

I hope you all have a great time.