Hey Guys,

The last two days of work have been great. I don’t work with networks or anything I usually do. Most tasks are application management. I took me some time to get started, but at the end it was fun. My colleagues are very helpful too. Anyway, to the interesting stuff now.

On Thursday we have been to the temple bar in the city center of Dublin. I was quite funny, despite the touristic factor. I walk down the street and I have seen about 5 to 10 German people. 

But in the end we went to “The Old Dubliner”. We all had a great time.

Yesterday I have been invited to a house party of a colleague. He just moved in at his flat. There I have met people from Spain, France, Japan, Italy and some more countries. It was a lot of fun talking to the guys. Ok enough for now I have to go to the city, see some stuff and maybe go shopping.

See you later,