NetRiders Germany Contest 2010


Nothing special is happening at work. I am still uploading all the old e-mails to the new mail server and besides I am learning for the CCNA Voice to pass it after our internship.

My girlfriend is feeling better, so hopefully we can start tomorrow to visit places, which we have not seen yet.

Maybe you heard about the Cisco NetRiders Germany 2010 contest from Mr. Henze. I decided yesterday at 11pm to create an account for the competition, deadline was 12pm, and to participate in it today. I did so and do not feel very well with my result, but finally it was enough to achieve the third place of all who participated.

That means I won a place to compete in the International NetRiders 2010 contest against my peers in more than 40 countries to win a trip to the USA in January 2011 on 7 July.

I also won a CCNA voucher. Now I can do my CCNA exam, which I already passed, for free. 😀 Maybe I can transfer it to a CCNA Voice voucher. 😛

I really do not know if I start learning to maybe (…) have a chance to go to Cisco in the USA for a week or do it just for fun.


Hey everybody,     

I finally could upload some pictures of my work today. I will try to describe my journey and my workplace, so let’s start with the journey to Antrim.     


Roadmap (Jouney to Antrim)


This is a map where you can see where Antrim is. I have to travel by bus and by train. Most of the time I am traveling by train. The red line on the map indicates my route to Antrim.  

Lanscape of Ireland


I also added a picture that I took out of the train because you can see the great landscape when the weather is good.        






At Antrim’s railwaystation someone’s picking me up every day.  We are driving by car for about 15 minutes. I’m glad to be picked up because otherwise I would have to walk for 40 minutes. Antrim is a nice and small town in the middle of Ireland. I really like to see the small houses and towers of the different churches there.

Technology Park View from outside


Nitec is located in a so called „Technology Park“.
I attached a picture of that park, too.







 Sry, but I’m not aware of uploading pictures in my articles. That’s the reason for them being so unorganised. The following pictures were made at Nitec. Espescially in the workshop which is the place where I spend the most time at work. 



I think that is all I can tell you about my work for now. I mean until there is interesting work coming in. I didn’t upload pictures from my collegues because they did not want to (the internet never forgets). Traveling to Antrim everyday can be very exhausting. I have to leave my house in Belfast at about 8am and I come back at about 7pm. You see that there is not much free time for me from Monday to Friday.     

I heard that some of our instructors complained about the blog and that we write 80% about fun and 20% about work. Actually, there is not much time to meet people or improve my english or „social skills“. All our companies expect us to gain experiences about culture and language but we do not learn this at work. If you want us to improve our social skills and our language you have to understand that we have to go out and meet people. I can understand that the purpose of our internship in ireland is the work. But i think that I don’t have to go to Ireland if I just want to work. I can do that in Germany as well. The most important thing here is, that we meet different cultures, go out and meet people. And that is only possible on the weekends. So please do not complain about us writing the most about our weekend activities. Work is work, even in Ireland…..     

I did not want to be impolite but I think living in foreign countries is more than just „working“. 



where work is concerned…

Hi folks!
The whole last week, we have to test 2 more websites ( and
Now I explain, how we proceed:
– We get a Excel table with a lot of listed bugs (about 200-400 bugs) for a specific website.
– Leo an I split the list, we organise our own workload.
– The list contains the bug ID, the reporter, a short summary of the bug, the priority and the status.


ID Sev Pri Reporter Status Resolution Summary Retest Status
5277 blo P1 Kristen Bourrillion NEW No availability showing

when there is availability

– We use a tool, it is called Bugzilla to create bugs and retest bugs.
– We enter the ID at Bugzilla and get the complete information of the bug.
– Now we check, if the issue is still remains.
– As a last resort, we give a retest status for the bug.

Later more about work…
Greetz to Germany,

See the Cliffs of Moher

Hey all!

My girlfriend and me left the visitation of our instructor very early, because we had a trip to the Cliffs of Moher from Saturday to Sunday.

We set the alarm to half past 5am to get started for our visit. We left the apartment at half past 7am and took the LUAS to Abbey Street to take the GoBus directly to Galway.

These Buses are very cool, because they are clean, fast and have WLan on board, which we didn’t use, but it’s a nice feature. Instead of surfing the internet, we used the bus journey to see beautiful landscapes of Ireland from Dublin to Galway.

By all appearances Ireland isn’t the country of sheep. On our journey we saw much more cows than sheep. I don’t know, perhaps the sheep are only in special regions.

The bus journey to Galway took 2 hours 30 minutes. We arrived at Galway unknowingly when the bus to Doolin starts, because the information we found is from 2009. Fortunately, we only had to wait 45 minutes.

We utilized the free time to have breakfast and to purchase some medication for my girlfriend, because she felt getting sick. Safety first!

The bus from Galway to Doolin wasn’t as good as the GoBus, but the bus driver was awesome. At beautiful places he drove slowly and he organized a transport to our accommodation, because the bus stop is 4km away. This bus journey took 1 hour and 35 minutes, all in all we spent 6 hours to get from our apartment to our accommodation for the night.


We moved into our room and slept for an hour, because we were so tired.

We tumbled up and decided to hike to the Cliffs of Moher to see the landscape instead of calling a taxi. Unfortunately the way to the Cliffs is longer as we expected.

After 2 hours hiking we needed a break and something to eat. We found a bar and it was really delicious.

We were prepared for the next 2 hours, which we had to hike to reach the Cliffs.

Finally, we reached our arrival point, after hiking 3-4 hours on normal streets in towns, farm tracks and country roads, which was sometimes very dangerous, because some roads are very curvy, so some car drivers didn’t see us walking.

The Cliffs of Moher are very impressive. So massive and beautiful. Have a look to the pictures.

We wanted to see the sunset, sadly we had to leave. I mentioned before, that my girlfriend felt getting sick and the hike finished her off. It wasn’t so bad, because the weather was very cloudy and it wasn’t possible to see a lovely sunset.

We were very surprised that the taxi back to our accommodation only cost 20 €. Afterwards it was nevertheless a nice hike for such a long time without seeing any other people on few ways.

The next morning my girlfriend had 38°C, therefor we did nothing except sleeping and waiting for our bus back to Dublin. Nothing special more happened on Sunday.

So see you soon and take care!

PS: Have a lot more pictures, on request, don’t want to spam^^

Back @ work again


After a very interesting weekend (Pary in our house again), I started another week at Nitec. Things haven’t changed yet, so I’m doing the same tasks as usual. Installing PC’s, waiting on more interesting jobs to come in. I would prefer to tell you something interesting but there is simply nothing to tell about. So don’t be confused about me writing more about my weekends and fun stuff. It is just no use to keep telling about my work if nothing happens. I tried to upload some photos of my workplace and the journey, but the Internet at our house was too slow, so I stopped the upload process. Maybe this evening it will be more successful. But please do not think that I am not happy to work here. All the employees are very friendly and treat me like an equal. I feel very comfortable here and I am pleased to be here. Every day someone’s picking me up at the railwaystation by car, that I do not have to go by feet. It’s just unfortunate that no interesting jobs are coming in.

Now, I am just waiting for this working week to end because on Friday my girlfriend’s going to visit Belfast for the first time. It’s going to be a good weekend because of Mr. Schlenger coming to Befast as well and the Fifa World Cup’s begin on Friday. So let’s see if the weather keeps being great like in the past.




Hello friends, how you doing?

My work is…let’s call it tiring.
(skip it if you don’t like those boring stuff)

I often got nothing or not a hell of a lot to do, except click-copy-paste-click-click-copy-paste…
The main problem is that this company is primary telephone-supporting. I talked a few times with my adviser (which is really the only unsympathetic guy in here) about joining a technician while visiting customers. He always told me stupid explanations why I couldn’t join one , such as „you need a CMI-shirt and blablabla“. Don’t get me wrong, CMI is really a nice small company but not a great option for trainees.
I fairly often try to talk with my co-workers to improve my listening and speaking skills.
Think they really like me and they enjoy learning simple german interjections. Except of this I really feel bored and take the free time for selfstudying like reading a book for CCSP (- Security Professional) or learn a few more things about SQL.

Let’s talk about really annoying things.

Wake up toys! The exhausting work-story is finished…for the moment.
So what about my great living community…
I’m the only one who’s cleaning the floors or something else, I’m the only person who cares about the dish washing and I don’t understand those guys!
One of them is sitting the whole day in his room, goes to bed at 9-10pm and stand up around 7:30am. This stupid tard placed one of his empty cornflake packages filled with wa**ing stuff right behind the kitchen garbage (THERE IS A TRASH BARREL just 5meters away outside the door!). I was nearly going enrage, after i’ve had to put the garbage out!
The other one is always going out to partys and discos but also crying about a lot of debits. Think he’s never heard of shaving too.
Finally my third great flatmate: Yesterday he was told to put a chicken kiev into the oven, a few minutes later he’ve told me about  a „finished“ meal.
I were really wondering about that and went down the stairs, saw the chicken at the table, the oven where already turned off and he told me „enjoy your meal!“ and started eating.
Yes, listen: the complete chicken kiev where raw. Sometimes I’m wondering how people like this one are able to survive, I really don’t know.

Without Oliver’s support I’m going crazy in this „living community“/house.

If this post is to offensive, delete it! But sometimes there are things which really have to be pointed out!

Let’s talk business

A big warm Hello to all my loyal readers (as if I have any 😉 )

On thursday I talked to Chris about how some of us write their blog entries very infrequently. I am one of them too. Sometimes I am not motivated to write something and other times I simply forget that I have to…

But fortunately Mr. Bavar visited us at Web Reservations International on thursday too. We talked for a while then and on friday everyone went for a drink. But after hitting the gym I didn’t feel like going out, so I stayed at home. (had I known that Sebastian would be there, I would probably have overcome myself – you gotta tell me such things buddy 😉 )

Mr. Bavar also reminded us that we agreed to write articles more regularly and more about work-related topics as well. He is right, we are here to improve our English language skills, to learn about work methods in another country and about similarities and differences.

So let’s talk business!

At Web Reservations International Chris and I work in the test department. Currently they have 5 traveling sites online on which you can get information about your preferred travel locations, can buy travel guides and can book hostels, hotels and even tours.

Chris and I check these sites for bugs and after having finished most of that showed some initiative of our own and offered to improve the translations on some of the German language sites. This idea was happily welcome by Philip, our superior in the test department. We finished this task very fast and are back to testing and reporting bugs once again.

In the next article I will tell you more.

So stay tuned…

SMS to SCCM 2007 Migration

Finally, last week the new server arrived and I could start my work. I will work together with my co-worker Owen (a United supporter 🙂 ). We installed Windows Server 2008 (64b-bit) and SCCM 2007 on the HP – Server.(Intel Xeon – 8 processors, 12 Gb memory)

On Tuesday and Wednesday a Microsoft – Expert visited and helped us with the installation and migration from the old system (SMS). He was an italian therefore I had no problem to understand him. Because he spokes really slow and „basic“.

He showed us what we had to install to use SCCM 2007 (ASP, SQL-Server etc.) and the first moves with SCCM 2007. Furthermore, we could start to migrate from the old system to the new one. All clients (about 900) from the different locations of Translink must be assigned to the new site server (called CMS).

To accomplish this, we had to move the different boundaries (about 80 subnets) from SMS to SCCM. The german word „Fleißarbeit“ hits the nail on the head to describe this task. After it, the SCCM – Server knew all clients and we were able to perform the client installation (to manage the clients via SCCM 2007). We decided to perfom the installation piecemeal, because we don’t want to overcharge the network.

The clients installation takes a lot of time, but we migrated 500 computers so far. Hopefully we can complete this task today, because tomorrow the italian – expert will visit us again.

Maik’s blog entrys

Well, no problem Maik. I’ll check my RSS Feeds and post some of your entrys.
Sometimes i really feel like the saver of the nation (:
The First Day
Montag, Mai 10th, 2010

Our arriving was good and without any problems.
We drive at first in our apartments and then we were in the SWAN – Institute, where we got our bus-tickets and details for our companies and so on.
After that we purchase foods.

But than …
We go back to the apartments and there was the floor under water.
Now, stands a dehydrator in the floor. This will be dry in two days, hopefully.


The Apartments are shit.

The washbasin is a pure misconstruction, therefore the flooded floor.

The shower is very dirty. We want this disinfect for now.
Than, the heating in the living room don’t work.

We have too few cabinets in the room. I currently share a half cabinet with Alex. The other side is occupied by waterlines.

The washing machines are in the seventh floor and there are three mashines. One of these are damaged and the room and so on is very dirty.
All things looks very used.

So, I think that was it.

Hi at all!

Until now I have worked four days. And these days were very nice!

I work at the company, who is called “Computer Doctor”. They support users, repair notebooks and desktops from the user.
My work time is pretty fine, from 8 or 9am (flexible) to 2pm. But then Peter (my chef) give me more work home with.
I work with one another from the class together, is called Tino. And we have two projects:
The first project is create a database, because they are still working with notes. And then we create forms which going to integrated in Access. At the moment we work with a touchscreen pc to prepare for the Database and forms.

Sometimes comes Brain (this is the Boss of the company) into the room and screams: “Germans, bloody germans. I hate Germans”, or something.

It’s really funny most of the time.

So, that was it at first.


… gone

I have no clue how it could happen, but all my messages are gone. 🙁 Except the last one.

I want to try reproduce the entries, or I just write a longer one. I don’t know…
And now I save my enties. 😉

See you then.