Fifth week (1)


First of all: The earplugs helped very well and so I bought some more earplugs. But now a short report how my fifth week in Belfast started. At work Philipp and I had to deal with Linux operating systems. One task was that we had to set up Linux workstations for the employees. Upgrading the operating system, assign a static IP addresses, install some software etc., nothing special. The other tasks which we had to deal with was in context to the iRODS project. Because this project is based on Linux we had to work with Linux the whole time. It took us nearly 3 days to to finish the task they assigned to us and we were very proud when we were done because we finished everything all alone without any help. Except of these tasks Philipp and I wrote an instruction each, to support the company. On Thursday we were also allowed to be part of a business meeting of all employees of the company. The meeting was to talk about the results Colm reached during his time in aboard, new projects for the company and to present new employees. On Thursday and Friday we had not so much to do, because the testing phase began, so Philipp and I decided to install a Linux operating system on our laptops. So now we have a dual-boot system with a Windows operating system and a Linux operating system. Let’s see if I need the Linux system some day instead of testing and improving my Linux skills.

On Monday I did nothing special in my free time. I just went to sport with Max.

On Tuesday afternoon I received a message from Dominik and he asked me if we want to meet. I agreed so Dominik came to my house and both of us went to Tesco to buy something for dinner. We decided to prepare meatballs with fries. At Tesco we also met Konrad and he joined us for dinner. We went back to my house, prepared everything and ate all together with Max.

On Wednesday I bought bus tickets for all of us because we want to go to Dublin on Saturday. How the trip was you can read in one of my next posts.