Hello Dublin

At about 11 am we arrived in Dublin and got off the bus, we talked then about a sightseeing tour but in our opinion it was too expensive. Some of us were hungry so we went to Burger King and after that we just walked around and enjoyed the city. We went to some place called Book of Kells but it was full with people so we just sat down there and made a new plan. The new plan was to go to a park which was just 20 minutes away from us. We needed a little bit more than just that, some of us wanted to go in shops and some of us were in the ban of fidget spinners which was quite funny. I saw a Tower Records shop with old Vinyl’s and new Vinyl´s, there were even new CD´s Blue rays and other cool stuff. As we arrived at the park we saw a little lake with pigeon’s and gulls. Some people were feeding the birds and they went crazy so we walked even further in the park and sat on a bench to relax. We made some new plans to go to the Guinness Factory. We had to walk about 30 minutes to get there but there were too many stores to visit. So we needed more than that but as we got there, they were so many people that we just could take some pictures. After that we went to a pub, the first pub was so packed when I opened the door there was a table full of people right in front of me so I just looked and closed the door. Finally we found a pub with just a few people in it, every one of us ordered a Guinness. After the pub when we went outside it was really warm, we went to a Korean restaurant. Everyone paid their bill and it was about 16:10, we wanted to take the bus back at 18:30 so we still had some time to spend so some of us got some money from the ATM. At like 17:40 we still had enough time to do something so we went to a game place and Dominik and me played basketball but we just had to throw them in the basket and who had the highest score would win.
Finally when it was about time to get in the bus we were not sure where the bus would stop, so I asked a Bus driver and he said he would drive up to the bus station a little bit down the street. As we were in the bus most of us were exhausted and I just slept and relaxed the whole time in the bus.