I think I broke the system

Today began the day quite calmly. Less data restores and some ticket allocation but not so many that I couldn’t allocate them anymore. At 11 AM it was time for a tea break. We talked about the differences of Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. The time flew by and we had to work again. When I came back the que was filled up with about 22 tickets that I had to allocate to the tier 2 team. It took me about 10 minutes to empty the whole Que. Afterwards I went to the data restore que and began to rebuild some files. I started to feel like a hamster in his wheel. Just when I had finished one data restore immediately another came in. The last ticket was created from a customer of the call line. I opened the ticket to see if I can work through it but nothing was in there jet. I closed the ticket and opened again and I saw what the customer wants to get restored. But I had to take action on the ticket. It doesn’t worked because another person had opened the ticket. So I went out and opened the ticket again and saw that the ticket was unavailable. I asked Mary what I have to do and Mary asked Roy who told me that it happens sometimes. The Reason for that ‘bug’ is that when somebody finishes the creating of a ticket there are also many tasks that are running in the background. I had reopened the ticked to fast and the system was totally confused. Roy told me to slow down a bit because the system needs its time. Luckily I had to wait only some minutes until it worked again. They told me, that it could also happen that the system doesn’t recover anymore. What a nightmare. When that should happens I had to call a specialist to fix it. My lesson? I have to wait some time when a ticket had been created.

So the old motto “slow and steady wins the race” is more up-to-date than ever…