Sixth Week Of Work At Locate a Locum

Guys, do you remember I told you about my task designing/ building a „About Us“ site? Not only I was able to finish it this week, I also finished the next task designing/ building a „FAQ“ site as well! This work week has been one of the best ones by far! Very happy and proud about the results!

But what makes me even much more happy is the fact that I got so much faster after six weeks. At the beginning of my internship I never imagined to make such an improvement over this short period. It seems like that it emerges more and more that front end is totally my thing – definitely. I’m getting slowly in the position to know in which direction I want to go in my future career as a developer. It’s the right time to decide slowly, as we’re going to start our final year of our training very soon. My goal is to be a full stack developer with the focus on front end and user experience/ interface design. I know a lot of developer who hate this part very much but I really love it! There is so much psychology involved besides all the technical part, which creates a perfect balance between the human and machine side in my view. I’m a person anyway, who pays very much attention about trying to keep the golden balance. This field of software development seems to be made just for me! Like a perfect match 🙂

Before I keep on telling you how nice everything is (workwise!), let me show you some of my results of this week. Otherwise I may put you to sleep 😀

I couldn’t resist to integrate this little GIF-feature after hovering with the courser over the picture as well!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-16 um 16.37.09

Yes, it’s the infamous nyan cat indeed!

Are you curious to see my freshly finished „FAQ“ site too? Here you go:

The results will be online on Monday! I’m very excited and happy to be able to show my family and friends all my work, which I did over here. Software developing feels always like a real craft, which I absolutely love about it.

But enough excitement for now! It’s time to herald the start of the well deserved weekend! And you know what? Maybe the weather god read my last (emo) blogpost indeed and just ordered a very sunny and actually the hottest day since we’ve been here for tomorrow – 26 degrees! Yes, we can’t believe it either that those temperatures even exist over here. Let’s see if the day won’t end with a sudden and not expected rain – the typical Irish way…