„Did she mean E.T.? Is this just a case of a typical misspell?“ No.

PT is an abbreviation for personal trainer. Yeah, you were reading correctly. I know this seems pretty much out of context but let me tell you a little prehistory to get a better idea about this heading, which has been completely quoted out of context till now.

As some of you (thanks for following our blog by the way) may read from our previous blogposts already, Marie and me have signed up at PureGym, pretty much the UK version of McFit back in Germany, in the first week of our internship already. Since that we’ve been both very diligently, I’ve to admit. I mean, let’s be honest: They’re not many options for any other (expedient) activities during the week.

They’re a few differences between PureGym and McFit. There’re way more personal trainer working at PureGym for example, who are certified as well, which is not always the case at McFit. Another main difference is that you recognize way more overweight people, who take single personal training sessions regularly and aiming to lose weight as soon as possible obviously.

As I’m there about five times a week, most of the personal trainer noticed me because there’re not so many people who are going that much to the gym in general. Yes, I’d declare myself as a sport addict – definitely. I’m very fascinated about our human bodies, nutrition and what we’re able to do with it. It’s very impressive how „far“ we can go, if we stay on the ball! For me it’s a great balance and kind of meditation as well, because I’m sitting and thinking the whole day and during sports I’m active and I don’t think about anything, except concentrating on the actual exercise.

But let me go back to my actual story. So many personal trainer asked me, what my goals are actually. I talked to few of them and had really interesting talks about nutrition and workout plans but I was still far from thinking about a PT session till I met one of the PT’s, called Josh, at AVA Festival with his very lovely girlfriend Hanna! So we ended up talking and hanging out with each other at the festival. After having very informative talks about sports and nutrition again, I decided to try it out in the hope of improving my skills and learning something new. Thank god he made a very good price for me as he knows that I’m a student (I know the regular prices because I’ve asked before already and they’re twice as much as I pay per session).

We started with a free consultation on Tuesday two weeks ago, which included measurements, goal settings, completing a questionnaire and a fitness test. First I had to do planks (I accomplished 4:31 minutes), hanging on the pole (2:01 minutes) and 5 minutes of intense rower HIIT. Since the consultation we’ve completed four (very exhausting!) sessions already and I got a personalized workout plan and nutrition guide as well! It was definitely one of the best decisions and worth every penny. I’m going to do another fitness test before I’m heading back to Berlin and of course I’ll let you know about the results.