The Titanic

On Sunday I met my parents in the city again to walk to the Titanic museum. We walked to the museum and there were a lot of people, as we came in the near of the museum we saw a big event with ships boats and kayaks. Food trucks were everywhere and a lot of kids. We walked about 30 minutes to the museum. As we arrived we took some pictures from the outside, then we went in the museum and bought tickets. The Museum from the outside was high so I thought that we had to go up and I was right. The museum was really modern in my opinion, there were beamers TV and even a little cinema which showed a short documentation about the Titanic. We needed like 2 hours to get through the whole museum but it was worth it there are many story’s that people might not know from the normal TV documentations. We went to like a replica of the Titanic but in a really small version and we could go everywhere around in the ship and walk in the ship which was cool. After that we got us something to eat and sat down, we just looked around because the event there for the kids was still ongoing. After that we went to the hotel where my parents stayed at and got a little rest. I watched some Football with my dad and I slept a little bit, after we got some rest we went to a Pub. There was a live band which was really good even it was not my type of music. I said goodbye to my parents and we ordered a Taxi home because it was a little bit too late to walk all the way home. The Taxi driver was really funny and we talked about Northern Ireland and how everything changed.