Language And Linguistic Usages

As I’m lagged a bit with my blogposts, not because I’m too lazy to write them, it’s just the fact that there’re not many exciting things happen over here to write about to be honest, I’m trying to write another blogpost about a more general topic like my last one again. So today’s topic is going to be about my language improvements and general linguistic usages of the Belfast people which I could recognize so far in the past seven weeks.

Let’s start with my personal language improvements first. I’ve to admit that I’m not realizing in recognizable improvements in relation to my accent and pronunciation BUT, here comes the huge but (not butt though), my vocabulary and writing skills got way more better. A good example: While writing these lines right now, I haven’t looked up for any words or spelling yet. This wasn’t the case in the beginning of my placement in Belfast. Also while speaking with my colleagues and roommates the variety of my vocabulary increased recognizably. I mean it’s very nice for sure to have a great and clear accent, but to be honest: In the end of the day what counts is your vocabulary and reasonably grammar, right? There’re some words that I either spelled wrongly or clearly didn’t know/ use.

My all time wrong spellings (which I internalized them finally):

  • accommodation (double c & double m, for god’s sake!)
  • colleague (yeah, this god damn part with ea & gue)
  • pronunciation (and not pronanciation – arrgghhh)
  • appropriate (the second „r“…)

My almost daily used gained vocabulary:

  • admit
  • For God’s sake!
  • reasonable
  • weather forecast
  • though
  • appropriate
  • craving
  • starving
  • adjust
  • planned out
  • Brazilian nuts (they called in Germany completely different – „Paranüsse“)
  • turmeric
  • cumin
  • courgette
  • flaxseeds
  • Smash it!
  • driven (that’s how my PT describes me, which makes me a little proud)
  • Back on it!
  • Get shit done!

Linguistic usages of Belfast people, which are almost not impossible to be ignored:

  • That’s class!
  • Cheers (often used as a thank you)!
  • Sweet!
  • Let me double check it (for you)!
  • Heya!
  • Lovely (with a very distinct pronunciation)!