The leave of a good colleague

The Friday is near and a good colleague went back to Spain.

At work I created a VPN connection between two LAN’s and edited a WordPress Site for a Restaurant. After the work my colleges went to a bar. At first I didn’t understand why. But a trainee explained to me that they go to a bar every time when someone leaves the company. At the bar I drank one Guinness first and then a second one. My boss paid the beer for us. Big thank you for the Bar we visited. For the second round my boss ordered one beer too much for the group and of course the German got it. After we finished the bar visit I took a bus to my home but first I wished my colleague “Good Luck!”. At home I ate a bit and departed then to Philipp’s house because we met there with Konrad and Rene. We drank there a bit Guinness and talked about the last days of work and about the free time.

It was a nice day and I am a bit sad because my colleague is left.
Regards Max