Preparing for September

Today was the beginning of building up all computers which where needed in September.  Fortunately students come to help out a bit. First we needed to get all computers from the warehouse because most of them wasn’t upstairs at the service desk anymore. I also got some old monitors from the warehouse because Gareth wasn’t sure if the other ones work or not. Arriving with the computers our first task was to check them if there is any fault or even if they are working. After the checks have been done, I had found three computers which weren’t working properly. I asked what to do with them. Gareth instructed me to rebuild them with an Image, which had been from the guys from workshop. First we had some problems with the drivers that where needed to write an image on the disk. But we fixed that. I saw that the workstations where really dirty. I decided to clean them with compressed air. It came a lot of dust out of them. It took a half hour until all workstations were clean and ready to use. I went upstairs with only one computer. I had to walk 4 times because we had no transportation possibility,where we could carry them up all at once. Arrived, I had done a small list about what I still need and what still needs to be done.Afterwards I had to wait for Gareth to finish his conversation because he was busy at the moment. The most horrible scenario is that somebody will take something from the workstations and replace it with a faulty hardware. They took keyboards, mice, monitors and more. I narrated about the problem and got a new task to make a list about the situation we had. I hope there are not so many faulty things to replace. But I am going to see what we need for all the workstations. I keep you updated.