the last day at NMNI

Today was the alast day in the museum and so we took the day rather relaxed, I talked a lot with some people and shared my experianced about my time here. After all the struggles we had with the agency and our housing I have to say that I will miss the museum and the time working there.

It was really fun and I higly recommend to work there since it is a really good place and you get to know not only the work part, but also you get to see how a museum works like IT-wise.

Another part I will definitely miss is the kindness of the people here. I could literally talk to nearly everyone and have a hapy conversation about some random topics. The only thing left to do not is to pack our things and make sure we leave everything as tidy as possible.

This article will be another short one because there is nothing much to say about today, but still I think it is important to draw a line at the end of an expereince and to sum it all up. That’s why I wrote this few words today, while thinking about what I will do for my last article. I have an idea, I just need to find a way to set it up