AVA Festival and Conference 2017

My colleague and now roommate Michael told me about this festival, called AVA a few weeks ago already. As the lineup looked quite well and represented the kind of music that I’m into it, I decided to organize some tickets for myself. Lucky me that my fiancé used to print one of the few independent magazines in Germany (proud magazine) and is still publishing articles online, so that we were able to get two press tickets for the festival. The only thing I had to do is writing a little preview and as may be the case a review as well, according on my experiences there.

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Fourth Week Of Work at Locate a Locum

This blogpost is dedicated to the actual reason of this whole internship – my work at Locate a Locum. Actually it’s also the best part of the internship so far. I love everything about it. The team, the very modern and well-tended co-working space, the atmosphere and my work itself – exactly what I wished for this internship.

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High-ranking Visit

After having a very chilled (and rainy! what a wonder, right?) day off on Monday because of bank holidays, it was time to say a very early (4.30 am) goodbye to my fiancé after one week, which made me a bit sad again. We both hate it being apart from each other. But I don’t want to start a hopeless romantic story for you guys now.

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There is always a light in the end of the tunnel

If you keep reading our blog regularly, you’ve noticed probably, that it got pretty quiet around me or rather my stories. I was very stressed and not really in an appropriate state of mind  to write a new blogpost in the last couple of days, to be honest.

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