Moving out

You might think why it got so quiet around me. Well, this week was a pretty busy one with full of happenings and changes. As you know from my last blogposts already, I wanted to move out for some understandable and important reasons.

On Tuesday my beloved fiancé Emin came back from Berlin to visit me again and to help me with my moving out. So he arrived around lunch time and came to the office directly. I was really happy to see him again after all the stress over the past weeks. We went out to grab some lunch in the sunshine. It was a delicious burrito bowl from Boojum (highly recommendable!). After a half an hour we went back to the office and we both started to work again until 6pm. We walked straightly to the accommodation, where I started to pack my stuff. Unfortunately Marie was not at home during that time, so I couldn’t say good bye properly to the most easy going room mate I could wish for, which made me a bit sad. Around one hour later we called an Uber and drove to my new place finally, which is located more in the east side of Belfast. It’s a calm and very family-friendly area with full of sweet and beautiful, little houses. When we’ve arrived, the door opened immediately and my colleague Michael welcomed us in a very warm way, which made us feel home from the very first time already. He introduced us to his roommate Brian, who was warm and friendly like a typical Irish as well. Michael started to show us the house, which is furnished very cosily. It’s a two-strorey house with three bedrooms, one little dressing and one living room, one kitchen, a garden with a little garage and a bathroom of course. My room is located in the second floor, straight next to the bathroom and dressing room, where is enough place for my clothes (very practical!). It was in a very good condition, all cleaned up and it looked super comfy as well. I started to unpack my stuff slowly, before Emin and I went off to Tesco Superstore, which is just located around the corner. We made a plan before already that I’m going to cook dinner for us all. Brian’s girlfriend came over for a visit as well. I cooked salmon with oven baked vegetables, feta cheese and a lot of herbs. Luckily everyone was super impressed and even end up of taking pictures of the food, which made me felt very honored and eased of course. After dinner we ate some sweets and drunk some tea and were talking till late night about us, funny life time stories, start ups and cryptocurrency, until we decided that it’s about time to go to bed finally.

Overall it was a very very nice, first evening in my new home. I felt eased, comfortable and safe finally and it was the first night after a long time, where I slept very well.

An unexpected blessing in disguise as we’d say in German:)

At this point a big thank you to my company and colleagues, who took care of me from the very first time and welcomed and treated my fiancé as their friend as well!