Third Week Of Work At Locate a Locum

First of all I want to apologize that I’m a bit late with keeping you all updated about my work last week but moving into another place plus having two guests from Berlin here in Belfast? Not much time left, but better late than never, right? 😉

So after building and even showing you the features, the next task and basically my whole last week consisted of reconstructing a bunch of email templates with HTML & Sass which my colleague (and roommate) Michael has created as simple graphics. Sounds super easy, right? Ha, I thought so too. But I was wrong. Actually that wrong that it took me a whole week (and I have still not 100% finished even yet!). The main difficulty of this task was being patient and managing to start to love real fiddly work. It felt like the knitting of web development, just with and not with fabrics and materials.

However annoying it was, yet again it was a very important and useful task for getting closer to be a professional web developer. This fact kept me motivating again! In any kind of working areas you’ve more and less fun parts to do and that’s okay. Then you’ll start to appreciate the fun parts even more and it will make you proud as well that you’ve just bitten through it 🙂

Let me show you one example:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-31 um 16.20.14
normal graphic in PDF file vs HTML/ Sass code

As you can see it’s not 100% one-to-one but that’s fine as those templates will be shown very differently anyway. Every email client shall working and picturing templates in the most various way, my colleagues told me. As long as they’re happy, I’ll be happy too 🙂