Easter Bank Holiday

English class was over, we got a certificate for attending these classes and so the bank holiday started. Right after school me, Artin and Steven went to Avocado & Coffee to get ourselves some sandwiches. Because Steven didn’t feel too good we took the bus home. After we dropped of Steven at our place me and Artin headed to the nearest pub „The Ninth Life“ where I had a Guinness and Artin had a cappuccino.

On Friday Artin came over and we went to the pub again but this time together with Steven where we would not only drink but check out the food they have and it was pretty delicious. Afterward we would check out the nearest park which is just around the corner from where I am staying.

On Saturday we were all kind of unmotivated to do anything and so we stayed at home the whole day watching movies and playing video games. I would play through a game called „Hacknet“ which was pretty fun for me.

On Sunday we would go to the pub again together with Artin to drink and eat. Monday would be exactly the same but before going to the pub we would go to a barber not far away from the pub which is called „Istanbul Barbershop“ where Artin and I would get a haircut. After going home at around 19:00 o’clock Steven and I did some of our laundry.

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