The Beginning of the Journey

Starting off the day, I was driven by my parents to the airport where I checked my bags, went through security, and partook in an uneventful boarding aboard the plane that headed for London Stansted with my fellow trainees.

Arriving in London, we collected our bags and were greeted by a fellow from the agency, with whom we took a bus to the headquarters of said agency. There my roommate Louis and I were the first to be picked up by a taxi and our hostess who brought to the guest home.

Louis and I spent rest of the day discovering the city and getting to know London. We explored parts pf the city center and ate fish and chips. So far, my experience has been very positive and I am looking forward to getting to know my company, but before I do, we have to attend an English course at the agency next week.

Explore London…

Today we woke up a bit late because we were still a bit tired from the flight. After a good breakfast we were powered up for the day. I decided to go out and explore London. Luckily I just have to walk around 600 meters and then I can take a bus which can bring me directly to the London eye. I mean, I needed around 1 hour and 20 minutes for the trip but it was worth it. I arrived at the London eye and I instantly saw so many amazing sights.


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a new journey in a new country

Yesterday we arrived at the London airport and that’s were our new journey begins…

We had a calm flight and arrived a little bit earlier at the airport at Stansted. At the Airport we got picked up by a bus, was driving us to a meeting point in the middle of Lodon. That’s where we first met our host family.


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My first day in London

With our first morning we were beginning our day quite relaxful. Pascal and I woke up at nine o‘ clock to have a little breakfast and preparation. We had arranged a visit of the city centre with Louis, a classmate of my host sibling Pascal. A little late we left the house of our host family but we catched the train nevertheless. Arriving on the platform in time we realized the train to have a delay of a couple of minutes. After seven stops we reached London bridge where we met up Louis.

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Lets go for Belfast

Today we flew from Berlin to Belfast , after i sayed goodbye to friends and family we got into the plane and after round about 2 and a half hour we arrived in belfast. The first thing we realisied ist that the bus ticket in northern irland are very expensive. We traveled to the city centre where the agency picked us up.

The secound half of the day was just getting used to everything , unpacking our clothes and getting the most important things for the evening and the next day. We even cooked a nice meal at the evening.

Berlin to Belfast

Berlin – Departure

Starting early in the morning in Berlin I was pretty nervous about the flight and not missing anything. It was my first flight afterall. I arrived at Schönefeld Airport at around 8:30 am together with Kevin and Andy and we later met Florian at the terminal.

Luggage check in and security check cost us almost 2 hours, so we were ready to board just sly after 10:00 am.

In retrospect flying wasn’t as bad as I thought it would. Except the landing was pretty rough.

First glimpse of Belfast

At 7am I stood up and made my way to the Airport Schönefeld in Berlin. From there, our Plane flew straight to Belfast International Airport. Althrough I already flew once, it was still exiting. The flight took around 2 hours and went without any trouble. „First glimpse of Belfast“ weiterlesen

Flying from Berlin to Belfast

Today marks the beginning of our 2 month internship in UK. Thankfully my father drove me to the airport.
Thanks to a previous project, the MocamBIT Project, I did not needed to organize a lot of things.
I only had to check if all my documents are up to date and organize someone to take care of my cat.

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