How good is your English?

Today we went at 9 o‘clock to our Agency which is in the same time a school. We started immediately with an English test. During the test they also did questions to test our speaking skills.

After all students were finished we got a little break. At this time they checked our tests, and they were able to sort us in two school classes.

After all this we played a game called Articulate, sounds really easy but it isn’t. First of all the playing cards were full of very typical British words which are very hard for us. Also doing all this in a different language than German is somehow hard in my opinion.

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Welcome to Twin

Today we had our first day at our agency’s location itself. The meeting point was a classroom which had been reserved for us today. Firstly, we filled a table writing down our host address details for them to compare. Next, we filled our student card ourselves. We were given an introduction test. The first task was to fill one blank of thirty to fourty sentences. Creative writing about one of three given topics was the next task. „Welcome to Twin“ weiterlesen

Introduction meeting with the agency

Today we had our first meeting with the agency. We were told which duties we have in our accommodation and how to behave. We were also told how to behave in case of illness. Furthermore they told us something about the city. Afterwards we were guided through the city centre. We were then said goodbye there and were able to walk around on our own. From the city center we needed about 20 minutes to walk to our accommodation.

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Start of the first week

Belfast – Meeting with Intern Europe

Today we were invited to a meeting with Intern Europe at their office. Purpose of this meeting was to fill out some missing information on some documents, and to give us some information on the first day at our companies.

Furthermore an employee walked us to the city centre and helped us getting our tickets for the bus. I also were able to pick up some souvenirs there.

From this point on we discovered the city centre a bit more and we did some grocery shopping for the evening.

Delving into London

I started my Sunday by heading straight into London center, more specifically Covent Garden, where I started exploring. Covent Garden is located in the West End, and is London’s main theater and entertainment area. Amongst tons of tourists and street performers, I helped myself to a burger and fries at Shake Shack, enjoying the festivity.

Making my way to Waterloo Station, I met up with Nickolas and Steven. We started walking over the Westminster Bridge, passed the Westminster Palace and made our way towards Buckingham Palace. To get there we passed through St Jame’s Park. Being a Sunday, the area near Buckingham Palace was filled with crowds.


Ending the day, Nickolas, Steven and I went to a Cafe and I had some traditional British tea, Earl Gray.