Thanks Google…

Today, as usual, we started our way to the Twin-Group school. There, we started the lesson with a great topic. We got a story about a murder and we had to do a role play to a criminal court. I got the part as the main witness from the murder and I had the task to lie. In conclusion it was very funny even though the end of the story was lame. My lie was convincing but still not enough to prove that the indicted was guilty, so the indicted was able to convince the court that it was just an accident.

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Quiz Night

Today the agency organized a quiz night for all their interns in Belfast. For this we met at „The points“, a whiskey bar in the middle of the city. We could reach the bar in 20 minutes on foot. It was just like you imagined an Irish bar. Dark wooden furniture and violin music. it was really cool. Additionally there was a free drink for everyone. We were split in groups of 5 people and were given a sheet with the questions on it. The quiz was about questions about Belfast, Ireland and the EU. As a free drink I decided for a guinness because my colleagues had already recommended me to try it and it was really delicious.

Bites and bytes

Now on thursday our week is practicly over , because of „bank holidays“ which never heard of before. At our last day for the week everything was as usual and we started working just like the other days. For lunch we just had a BBQ at PreceptIT and it was amazing.  We just start to smalltalk with our collegues and the atmosphere is getting very cofortable. Another plus is that  some kind of routine come into our lives now and i start focusing on something else than just finding the right way to work. For example i was quiet confused as i noticed that the license plates at the cars have different colors in the front and in the back , addititonal to that there are the owner names written on it.


Some good Irish hospitality

Today was a special day at Precept-IT. Kevin and I were invited to join and eat some tasty Irish beef burgers with the rest of the team.

We were lucky to have such good weather today. Perfect for grilling some beef, talking and having a good time.

I’m curious what the evening brings with it. Looking forward to the quiz-night with Intern-Europe and the long bank-holiday this weekend.

The Week so far.

The Sunday started pretty calm for me because I could sleep very long which I definitely needed after the exhausting day before. After I took a little shower my roommate Nickolas and I took the train to Waterloo East to meet with our friend Artin. From Waterloo we took a foot over the Westminster Bridge to the Westminster Palace and then to the St James’s Park, where we allowed ourselves a little break at the St James’s Park Lake. From the lake we moved to the Buckingham Palace to take a look at the Royal Guard and at the Buckingham Palace itself. Afterwards we tried to find a place where we could drink a tea and maybe eat a little bit, 10 minutes later we found a small little store called The English Cafe Rose and Tea Shop behind the Buckingham „The Week so far.“ weiterlesen

Four Days of Exploring London

My Sunday started the same as every day with a good and not so healthy bowl of cereal.
Steven slept until 13 o’clock and in that time I watched some videos on my laptop. When he finally woke up we went out to meet up together with Artin at the Waterloo East station.
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