A Very Calm Easter Weekend

The weekend didn’t start as I thought I would because I started to feel bad at Wednesday evening and over the night it got worse. At the morning I knew I caught a cold and that I need some resting time so after my language course and a short trip to the coffee shop Avocado & Coffee I decided to go home and take a rest and to work against my sickness. „A Very Calm Easter Weekend“ weiterlesen

Finally, we got our jobs!

Today we went at 11am to the Twin School. We met there the leader of all the Internships. We had a conversation about our Internships (where we will go and what are we going to do). I got my Internship directly at the Twin School. They told me that I will have a job interview in the next morning at 10am.

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One sunny day in Belfast

Monday was a long day for us. Together with Stefanie and Max we decided to do some sightseeing at „Belfast Castle“ and „Cave Hill“.

It was a prefect, sunny day to do so. Our trip started at Ormeau Road at around 1pm by ordering 2 cabs for us 6 people, because taking the bus would be more expensive since not everyone has a subscription with translink.

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Cave Hill

Yesterday we went for belfast castle and cave hill. After we had a look at the castle and the beautiful garden. Robert , Andy ,Florian and me decided to go for the top of Mc Arts Fort. The way up was quiet exhausting but the view was worth it. After we enjoyed the view for a while we made our way down, which was steeper than the ascent. When we arrived home completely exhausted, watched a movie and went to bed.

Easter Bank Holiday

English class was over, we got a certificate for attending these classes and so the bank holiday started. Right after school me, Artin and Steven went to Avocado & Coffee to get ourselves some sandwiches. Because Steven didn’t feel too good we took the bus home. After we dropped of Steven at our place me and Artin headed to the nearest pub „The Ninth Life“ where I had a Guinness and Artin had a cappuccino. „Easter Bank Holiday“ weiterlesen