Testing a new Section and Cinema

Today we got the information that a new section of the program is finished and ready to be tested. Since our boss want to do a presentation about this new features, testing everything and trying to identify any issue or even something that could create a screen of death is the most important task. That also includes that we tested if every change we did trough the interface is affecting the database as intended and narrow down the source of any error as good as possible. But sometimes recreating a problem is really difficult, especially if the source is more or less something a user could do that just slightly differs from what you expecting them to do or what they told you they did. „Testing a new Section and Cinema“ weiterlesen

Best fish and chips

Today I started the day normally, I went out early and I arrived at work, as expected, early. I was around 20 minutes earlier so I went to the supermarket that is directly in front of the school. I got some fruits and something to drink.

I started my work with a small talk about the project. We improved our plans with the help of another colleague, so I had enough tasks to do for today. For lunch I went out and bought a chicken burger with a big salad. My work day was like usually, nothing special. At 5pm I went out and got my bus, fortunately I got home without having troubles in traffic.

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a new week began

Yesterday began a new week. This is our third week in London.

My normal day starts at around 6:30 am. I get myself ready to leave at 7:10 am, so that I can be punctual at 9 o’clock at work. Yesterday I had to remove a lot of parts on different televisions and change the display of an Ipad. It was a pretty standard day at work. But in the afternoon I met up with a friend and we hang out till the late afternoon. We talked about school, our life in Berlin and London and much more. It was a pretty fun evening „a new week began“ weiterlesen