A stressful morning

Today I woke up as usual but when I wanted to go to the bathroom, I couldn’t because it was busy. We mixed up our timetable in the morning so I went out a bit later than the other days. I also had to wait a bit to get a bus, and then I got in a traffic jam. I went out of the bus near my workplace where the agency is, with the purpose of walking a bit and avoiding the traffic jam. Luckily I still arrived in time at work.
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Sightseeing with my Family

I got up early this weekend because I would go sightseeing with my family. The first thing we would do was go to the Tower Hill Station where we would get into a sightseeing bus which we used to get to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Inside the cathedral we had an audio guide which we used to listen to facts about the cathedral while walking through it.
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Going to Work

Tuesday was the day on which we were supposed to be told where our work placements are going to be but unfortunately due to some complications only five people would get to know where they are gonna be working. I wasn’t one of these five people and neither was Artin or Steven and so went to Avocado & Coffee where Steven would get a call from the agency and they told him that he would have a job interview the next day. After all of us three had a sandwich we went to the Ninth Life to have a drink.
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Review of the second week

The second week has also passed. I didn’t enjoy that week as much as the first one. The main reason for that is the cold I had last week. Also the weather was really bad. We had a lot of rain and even a storm in the night. I was quite happy about the day off on monday and I really enjoyed the tour we took. I am looking forward to see more of the Island in the next weeks. „Review of the second week“ weiterlesen