The easter weekend

I used this long weekend to explore a few more shopping options including: drug-stores, groceries, restaurants, pubs and kiosks, but also to find out about a few laws that differ from things I am used to in Germany, for example: decibel regulations for motorcycle exhausts which seem to allow notably louder exhaust systems to be used (sources vary in exact numbers but from what I gathered Germany allows for around 75 decibels, while the UK allows for around 85 decibels).

With these days being holidays i of course also used the time for myself.
Fiddling around with my single board computers (RockPro64 and Rock64) gave enough to do (it seems I still need a new power supply for the Rock64).

Searching for 9 cats

Today we went to Belfast castle. There we first had a look at the building and learned that 9 cat pictures are hidden in the garden. After a long search and finding out that one of our colleagues was sitting on the last one, we finally found all of them. This cat was embedded in the seat of a bench as an image. Then we climbed up the mountain and enjoyed the wonderful view.

Time to explore the rich world

Today I decided to go to the “Harrods”, it’s one of the biggest and one of the most expensive shopping malls in London. After an amazing bus trip, over 2 hours, I arrived there. When I went inside I just saw expensive designer clothes and expensive accessories. Some of them looked very cool, but when I looked at the price and decided that just looking at them is enough. In every shop is a helper who can advise you for the product. I’m an IT student so of course I also went to the Tech area. There was also a part with Amazon & Google Products. The funny part was „Time to explore the rich world“ weiterlesen

Come from away

On Easter Weekend I had the possibility to visit a musical in London‘s West End theatre district. The theatre where I went to is named Phoenix Theatre. It is located very central. Hence, I went there by a walk of twenty minutes from where I had enjoyed a nice afternoon tea before. „Come From Away“ is higly acclaimed and has won several Tony awards, as I read in TimeOut – London’s city magazine. This musical is about plane passagers that are stranded in Newfoundland due to the airtraffic shutdown on 9/11. I was deeply impressed by the powerful live music and by the incredible actors dancing and singing on stage – what a performance! I will definitely try to discover more musicals during my time in London. This one was just the beginning.

Windsor Castle

Schloss Windsor
Windsor Castle inside its walls

On Easter Monday I took the train to go to Windsor Castle. This is where the Queen often spends her weekends. Windsor Castle is situated on River Thames and is often called „British Versailles“. It is worth a visit! You have a nice view from there and all its rooms you get to see including its chapel are really impressive and pretty.

I hired an audio guide there to inform myself about the castle‘s history and the castle itself during my tour in a comfortable way. The weather was so nice outside that I could have stayed there all the time. But the rooms inside were so interesting at the same time that I could not do without them. I recommend everyone to go there once. But you should bring enough time and also visit the town Windsor underneath its castle.