First real school lessons

Today we started the day with a delicious breakfast. Afterwards we went directly out to the bus station and we got very fast into the bus.

All normal so far. When we were 1km near our school the cars stopped and 

we stuck into a big traffic jam. First we waited a bit but then we saw nothing moving anymore, so we left the bus and went by foot to school. Luckily we still arrived in time (close, but still in time).

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First Work Day

Today we just had our first work day. The started as usual with a breakfast, after that we just went out to find the bus stop, it wasn´t that hard to find it but still its very different to germany. We just arrived 40 minutes early at work because we wern´t sure about the time we need. We got introduced to everyone and got a little instruction in to the company. Right after that we just got our first task. The day was over quiet fast. After that long an exhausting day we just went home. We spend the rest of the evening with Andy and Florian watching a movie.