A weekend, well rested

With nothing planned for this weekend I slept in quite a bit.

Yesterday, I used most of the early afternoon for a trip to a shopping mall a bit further away than my usual trips and was a bit dissapointed as the mall hosted either food or attire shops.
Thinking ‚how bad can it be?‘ I got myself a Bratwurst at a stand infront of the mall and was surprised to find out that the seller was actually German with decent sausages, only the bread was a bit stale.
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Let’s explore Stratford

Today I woke up very late, as every other day. Around 11am I managed it to get up of my bed. Then we cleaned up our room a little bit and the host mother cleaned the floor with the vacuum cleaner. We also had to remove our bed sheets because the host mother wanted to clean them.

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The Weekend is here

The last four days passed by really fast, but what happened ?

On Thusday and Friday I worked in South London Repair (SLR). During this time I got to know my colleagues better. I also unscrewed a lot of televisions, notebooks, motherboards and build them back together. On Friday we went to a family in the south of London, because there home automation system stopped working and SLR is one of the last companies with certified knowledge about the „Fibaro“ home automation system. In this case the software on the home contoller was way to old and not responding correctly.  „The Weekend is here“ weiterlesen

A work summary

After two weeks here i want to summarise my work experience so far. Besides making the software crash in any way i can think of i am also looking for any logical error on the interface or the database. I have to document every test that leads to an error to narrow it down as much as possible, sometimes this is a little bit tricky if you get a spontaneous idea and have to recreate it afterwards. I am also allowed to state my opinion about the whole design of the software or ideas how to make a better software out of it. For ideas that are not easily explained by word we can us one of the walls because the whole wall is a chalkboard and try to visualise it for our colleagues. After seeing that they allow me to be involved so deeply into the project, I can fully understand why I had to sign an NDA on my first day.