Little titbits

So in this blog entry I’m gonna share some of the little things I picked up or noticed while in London. Most of them are quite random and don’t really fit into other blog posts so I thought I would just make a list of everything that comes to mind.

British people will always say sorry if you run into them, no matter whose fault it is.

British people mostly say cheers instead of thank you.

While the Thames is spelled with an a and a th it is still pronounced the same as in German, except for the e sound at the end.

British people thank the bus driver a lot of the time.

At a lot of bus stops you have to stick your hand out in order for the bus to stop.

British television is awful from what I’ve seen.

I regularly ride a bus that only has a door at the front, none in the back.

Every form of public transportation has a few seats that are marked as priority seats for disabled or elderly people.

Most tickets for public transport are handled electronically.

You can just swipe your credit card on those electronic checkpoints to get a ticket.

Most of the shopping in grocery stores is done at self checkout stations.

Almost everything that costs less than 30£ is paid for via contact less card or even with your phone.

Public transport here is expensive.

Every time there is a football match of a local team every pub is gonna be packed.

Most of the juice you buy here is just concentrate and you really have to look closely if you want real juice.

They have a lot of different companies handling public transport.

That’s all I can think of for now, I might add some other things later if I remember something I really want to put in here.

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