The last weekend

So we are finally in the last week of this internship and since it was our last weekend here we decided to celebrate a bit. Around three o’clock on Saturday Julius, me, Nickolas, Steven and Dustin met on the basketball court near me to really get our moneys worth out of those 7£ I spend on a basketball and a football last week.

After about 2 1/2 hours of that Julius went home and the rest of us went for some food and bought some drinks. Around that time Thore joined us as well and we hung out in the park and drank to only being in London for one more week, all of us looking forward to being back in Berlin. While we were sitting there a pretty drunk english guy came up to us and started a conversation. After about 15 minutes he left, but he kept coming back and I’m not sure whether he wanted to or just got a bit lost, because he was pretty wasted. This happened two more times with him talking to us a bit, leaving and then coming back.

Overall the night was great and I had a lot of fun playing basketball with the boys as well. The court unfortunately wasn’t the most ideal, to put it mildly, and we didn’t actually play against each other, but rather just did some shooting competitions.

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