My last day at work

Well today has been quite stressful, trying to get all the signatures I need. I found out today that my company here never received the login to the europass and over the course of two hours I think I got it to the point where it should be.

I also won’t get to finish the room I’ve been working on as the last two days instead of that I had to „manually export“ everything from their website, aka creating word and excel documents that look like they were created by their website. Later on today I will be going to the agency and I’m supposed to have end of internship evaluation with me, but that is in the directors office and he isn’t in today and no one else can get into that office. At least signing the „Ausbildungsnachweise“ didn’t produce any problems.

In about 35 minutes I will leave this company for good ans I can’t say I’m sad about that. The employees were nice enough, but I never got along with the director. I’ll treat myself to a nice lunch today, go drinking with my friends tonight and get on the flight tomorrow and not look back. Maybe I’ll write another blog solely dedicated to the work I did here, I’m not sure yet.

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