Last „Day“ in Belfast

Today is the last full day in Belfast. For today we are planning to tidy up everything as good as possible. Afterwards we will take pictures of every room and how we left it, just in case if there are any messages about problems that we have to explain and to make sure we will be able to prove how we left anything.

At the end nobody can call this last day a real day since our flight to Berlin is scheduled for tomorrow morning and we have to leave the accommodation at 3:15 am. So our plan is to get up late and catching some sleep again over the day to stay awake through the whole last night. Together with Julian that is visiting us to play some games and talk about our experience we got in the last 8 weeks. Packing up everything again can be a little bit problematic since everyone got a little bit more luggage then before after buying some small stuff over the weeks. Cleaning up the Kitchen took the longest of all rooms since this kitchen is also used by 10 other people but we asked them beforehand to finish everything they want to cook early in the evening. This worked perfectly and so we left the building with our minds at peace.

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