One week after the Internship

Last Sunday was the last day of us staying in Northern Ireland. After one week to get used to being back in Germany, I found out that there are somethings I got used to really fast in Belfast. It begins with smaller thinks like the weather being sunnier and less rainy and ends with such seemingly trivia things like speaking German in the supermarket or free time. I cannot believe how easy it was to get used to Belfast, after being back for one week.

Reflecting about everything I did in the last two month I can say that this internship is not only a really good working experience, especially if you decide to do yours in a private company instead of a public one, which allows you to learn how it is to work with a deadline or under time pressure in a way you would not learn it as an apprentice, it also allows you to grow as a person depending on your own decisions and willingness to socialise with the people living in this land. I definitely recommend this Internship to everyone afterwards. If they want to go to Belfast I also recommend to visit the weekly Belfast Friendship Club, it really helps you to learn how the People living in Belfast are and you will have it a lot easier to get used to the accent used there. If you are one of the persons that think a lot about recycling then Belfast will give you a small shock, sort of, also if you are using the bus then getting an additional Paper that is more or less just for throwing away, in addition to your plastic card, every time you take a bus is a little bit irritating. All in all this Internship was really great and I hope that the Company I worked with will prosper in the Future to become a really great one and in the future a lot of other apprentices will have the chance to do this.

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