Last „Day“ in Belfast

Today is the last full day in Belfast. For today we are planning to tidy up everything as good as possible. Afterwards we will take pictures of every room and how we left it, just in case if there are any messages about problems that we have to explain and to make sure we will be able to prove how we left anything. „Last „Day“ in Belfast“ weiterlesen

My last day at work!

instead of starting with my work, today, I had a talk with my colleagues and we filled out the last letters.

Later, we also got some problems regarding the “Europass”. Normally another colleague of mine should have received a mail from the “Europass” company. He told me all the time that he got nothing, but when I asked him today to use the search function, he found a mail which was 2 weeks old.

Now I had the problem that the password from the mail is no longer valid. So we wrote many mails to our school. Luckily, I work directly at the twin school so I can ask them for old mails. There were one woman and one boy who helped me, they supported me as well. We were able, to get the europasses for everyone.

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The last Days

I started the last round two days with working on some servers again. I exchanged the RAM in the servers and put them from 2 GB to 8 GB of RAM after that I installed a RAID-Controller into one of the server. The RAID-Controller was pretty hard to find because we had a lot of them and only that one fitted into the server. After I set everything up I checked if everything was running good and then I cleaned all of the servers because they were pretty dusty and dirty.
On Friday I started to tidy up the office where I was working the whole internship, I put the servers back into the cupboard and put all the cables back into there boxes. Later I had last talk with my managing director about the whole internship and how I liked it and what I learned and how contented he was with my work in the company. After that my managing director invited me for a farewell lunch into a coffee shop but unfortunately I didn’t had that much time because I needed to go to the Twin School for a meeting. At the school we spoke about the positive things and not positive things of the internship and a lot of people from my group didn’t had a good experience here and the mood was a bit down but everyone was happy that we will fly back to Berlin tomorrow.

Almost time to say Farewell

In 1 day, 6 hours and 30 minutes I’ll be leaving the UK. At least for a month, since I have plans to meet up with a couple friends in Manchester then. At the start of this internship I was hoping that at the end I would say all these cliche things everyone says after their stay abroad. That I experienced a different culture, had a lot of new experiences and made a lot of new friends. Those same things I said after my stay in Canada seven years ago. That I would look back fondly to my time here.

Unfortunately I don’t feel any of these things.

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The last touch ups.

Today, I went to my workplace as usually, this time I surprisingly had no problems with the traffic. When I arrived there, I started directly with a meeting related to one of my projects. They still want to use one of my projects, so we had to do the last touch ups for the actual program and explain everything to the other colleagues. I had to do this in order for them to use it later when I couldn’t help anymore.

We also figured out that they have to prepare one important document, before we can use my project. The plan was to finish the document before next Friday (tomorrow), but this was not longer possible.

My colleague tried to set up everything by his self but with the help of my documentation and I have to say it worked very well, he got it.

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I spoke too soon

I have very little left to do at twin, so I read up on news or topics of interest, but unfortunately can’t get to improving my IT skills or learning new stuff as I get interrupted quite frequently by employees who need help with little things like unpacking compressed files or where to find the save button.

Other than that, I can at least get quick answers for the rest of the group, if they are directed at twin.