My first day at the Africa Centre…

Good Morning to everyone,

this will be my first day to work at the Africa Centre. I have to take the LUAS from Fatima to Abbey Street where the Africa Centre is, so I am a lucky guy, because it is only something around ten minutes drive.

So, I am back from work. Of coure, what else, I reached the Africa Centre at 9:30, 10:00 was arranged, whereby the person who I should ask for was not there, so the coordinator of the Africa Centre, called Eric, welcomed me and introduced me what the Africa Centre is doing and what I am going to do there during my internchip for eight weeks.

The office is very very small but there are looking forward to expand their organisation with new rooms to have more space to work and a place for young people, not only africans, to be together. Unfortunately, the owner of the building is not in Dublin up to and including August.

I think it is enough for today, so see you soon, bye bye 🙂